Keeping everyone and everything safe and healthy

Keeping everyone and everything safe and healthy

With Covid affecting how we all live our lives – we live in a world where most have adapted and are trying to find new, safe and non-toxic solutions not to keep not only their families healthy and safe but themselves too.

Limitless Hub has the solution for you.

Limitless Hub is a supplier and distributor company the provides high-end, quality products to the consumer.

We take pride in the products we source. And we believe the products that we choose to sell are products that add value in our world.

We manufacture both our products locally.

Agridisinfect manufacturers of ADI Hand and Surface Disinfectant & Purific Water Sanitiser.

The two products are safe for humans and animals. These products produced from natural salts, are non-toxic. Both are fully registered with the relevant governing boards and have been rigorously tested and certified for efficacy.
So when applying them in the correct method you can use them with peace of mind. Hence you will know that they do what they say they are going to do. Disinfect and Sanitise within seconds.

ADI Hand and Surface Disinfectant

ADI is a proprietary brand that helps kill all harmful bacteria, which is also non-toxic and safe for humans and animals to consume.
You can use ADI in a commercial, industrial and agricultural setting, which is also safe enough to use domestically too.
If you are looking for a safe yet highly effective disinfectant for both your hands and surfaces then ADI is definitely for you.

Purific Water Sanitiser

Purific is a point-of-use powder that gets dissolved in contaminated water, and within minutes the water will be safe, clean and healthy to drink.
You can use this product across various industries hence it is safe enough to use in your own home.
This is a great product to keep on hand for when you go camping or go on holiday. You can use it at home saving money on larger and expensive filtration systems.

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