Month: Mar 2021

Pets Have Feelings Too

It is important to acknowledge consciousness in animals and how exciting new discoveries about the brain are breaking down barriers between us humans and our pets. Yes, animals have thought processes, emotions and social interactions that are as important to them as they are to us. Pets are our life time companions, having them around us helps our

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Fun Facts About African Food

About African food Africa is one of the second largest continents and has the second-largest population after Asia of course. Did you know that Africa was once named Alkebulan? Fun fact, right? That's not all with Africa, the African food is also spectacular. When you hear the word Africa, the first thing that comes into mind is the delicious African

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The Art of Healers

What are Healers? As the centuries go by, there is an increase in healers; they can be doctors, spiritual healers or even traditional healers. You could be wondering what is a healer and what they do and why is it so significant in our society. The Oxford dictionary definition of a healer is a person who can cure diseases or heal injuries by not using

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