Term of services


SA Businesses Offers Businesses the opportunity to get seen by millions of people, through social sites and the Web, making it possible for you to get seen by millions of people through the Web. Your company gets exposed through Google, due to the link on the search engines and social websites, and the Google map finder we use on our site.

SA Businesses take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the following bellow:

    • Your personal details used on our Listings posted to Facebook and website.
    • Pictures supplied by client may not be subjected to any copyrights, by agreeing to our T&C’s we take that all images supplied to us are original and subjected and property from you as a client.
    • Any false information provided by you as client.
    • No refund on advertisement, we offer you the opportunity to make changes to your listing before it gets listed, and to make sure you as the client are happy with all information provided on your listing.
    • Listings are a monthly subscription of a period of 1 month from date it’s listed.
    • All Listings that you as the client would like to extend or renewed, should be notified 7 days in advance of expiry date, all clients will be responsible for the renewals and payments of the renewals.
    • No Listing will be listed until we received confirmation of payments and clients satisfactory.
    • No Listings shall be renewed until confirmation of payment received and reference to subject.
    • SABusinesses.co.za reserves the right to reject and/or remove any offerings or keywords submitted by the Clients as well as the right to reject any client for any reason or no reason.
    • The Client acknowledges and agrees that SABusinesses.co.za has no obligation to disclose any information regarding its rejection and/or removal of any offerings, keywords, or advertisers, and SABusinesses.co.za has sole discretion over what information it chooses to disclose to the Client, if any.
    • SA Businesses charges VAT.
    • Clients are welcome to provide us with keywords and tags to be used on their listing,
    • Signing up for SABusinesses.co.za’s Advertising Platform does not guarantee that any or all of the offerings or keywords submitted will be accepted by SABusinesses.co.za or that such keywords will generate any traffic to the Client’s site.
    • Please NOTE that SA Businesses does not take any responsibility for any other company calling you or other places that use your information, or wrong publishing.
    • All SA Businesses listing design is subjected to SA Businesses and may not be used for any copy paste without our permission.
    • SA Businesses does not take any responsibility for information shown on Google search listings, Google is a third party and SA Businesses does not have any control of when Google crawls SA Businesses website and what info has been crawled
    • In no event shall the Client send SABusinesses.co.za any data that is generally considered highly sensitive or falls under the “special categories of personal data”.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, genetic data, data concerning a person’s health, a person’s sexual orientation, trade union membership, or biometric data.
    • The client agrees to pay all charges to its account in accordance with SABusinesses.co.za’s terms. The client warrants and represents that all payment information provided to SABusinesses.co.za will be accurate, complete, and current.
    • If SABusinesses.co.za is unable to charge the Client’s credit card, SABusinesses.co.za may, in its sole discretion and with or without notice, suspend, or terminate the Client’s participation in the Advertising Platform.
    • SABusinesses.co.za in its sole discretion, may reject a Client’s contextual ad. No reason is required to be given to the Client why their advertisement has or has not been approved. All decisions made by SABusinesses.co.za in this matter will be final.
    • If The Client is dissatisfied with SABusinesses.co.za or the terms and conditions herein, The Client’s sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate the account. Accounts may be cancelled at any time by sending an email to admin@sabusinesses.co.za, or cancelling the account on the website in their account.
    • SABusinesses.co.za may, in its sole discretion, terminate Client’s account, and discontinue the advertising account, or use of any search at any time, and for any reason, with or without notice. SABusinesses.co.za can also terminate advertising accounts if SABusinesses.co.za believes that a Client conduct is harmful to other consumers and/or Clients who participate on SABusinesses.co.za’s platform. All decisions made by SABusinesses.co.za in this matter will be final.
    • SABusinesses.co.za reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify this Agreement, at any time and without prior notice. If SABusinesses.co.za modifies this Agreement, we will post the modification on our website. By continuing to access or use the Advertising Platform after we have posted a modification or have provided you with notice of a modification, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified Agreement. If the modified Agreement is not acceptable to you, your only recourse is to cease using the Advertising Platform, and any related services pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
    • This Agreement is the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, superseding and terminating all previous communications, representations or Agreements, whether written or oral between the parties relating to the services provided hereunder.

Deceptive Ads

The ad must not:

    • Mislead, deceive, or confuse users, including misleading users into visiting another site or downloading files.
    • Be distinguishable from website content (i.e. the ad must not make it difficult for users to tell whether it is looking at website content or ad content).
    • Contain malicious or exploit code.
    • Change/replace the links of the site/in the site.


    • Gambling is prohibited, unless authorized in advance by SABusinesses.co.za in writing.

Illegal Products

Ads for products that assist a person in breaking the law are prohibited. This would include, for example, an ad for a product that could help someone pass a drug test.


Ads for any group that is involved in hate speech or acts are prohibited.

Health or Safety Claims

The ad must not:

    • Make claims touching on health or safety that are too good to be true.
    • Make claims that could reasonably involve a risk to health or safety.

The ad must:

    • Include information about any significant risks associated with the product.



Ads for or including pornography are prohibited.

Provocative Content

    • Ads containing nudity, obscenity, or dirty language are prohibited.
    • Ads containing provocative content must be assigned a warning so that our member publishers may decide whether or not it is appropriate for their sites.



    • Ads with landing page warnings, alerting, or suggesting that an end user has any kind of computer virus or threats are prohibited


Sweepstakes & Contests

The ad must not:

    • State or imply that a person has already won, without disclosing all conditions on receipt of the prize.
    • Require a purchase to enter a sweepstakes (a game of chance).

The ad must:

    • State how to enter and by when.
    • Direct consumers to the official rules.
    • State that no purchase is necessary (for a sweepstakes).


Telecommunications Products and Services

The ad must clearly disclose or link to:

    • Activation or initiation fees;
    • Any recurring charges;
    • Any required contract term;
    • Any early termination fees;
    • The number of peak and off-peak minutes and the hours they apply;
    • Charges for excess minutes;
    • Whether charges apply for calls that are out of network or out of a certain geographic area;
    • Whether the offer is for only a limited period and, if so, the fees for the remainder of the contract; and
    • Any additional fees, taxes or surcharges and the amount of these kept by the carrier.


The testimonial must not:

    • Make a claim that is too good to be true.

The testimonial must:

    • Be made by an actual user of the product and reflect his/her honest opinions.
    • Make a claim that is true for every consumer, unless there’s an adequate disclosure.


Trademarks or Logos – Use of a Third Party’s

The ad must not use them in a way that could:

    • Negatively reflect on the third party or its brand.
    • Lead to consumer confusion between the third party and the Advertiser.
    • Imply sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between the Advertiser and the third party.



An ad that includes video must include a functioning “stop” button.

Weight Loss Products or Plans

The ad must not state or imply that:

    • The product or plan will lead to substantial weight loss for all users.
    • The product or plan will lead to permanent weight loss.
    • Users can eat as much as they want or whatever they want and lose weight.
    • The product leads to substantial weight loss without the need for diet or exercise.
    • Users can lose fat from specific body parts.
    • The product blocks or absorbs fat or calories.
    • The product causes the user to lose weight when applied to the body or skin (e.g., a cream or patch).
    • Users can lose more than three pounds per week for more than four weeks.

Gray Box Ads

(For example, ads that look like “Caution” or “Warning” notices)

The ad must:

    • Clearly and conspicuously disclose, inside the creative, that it is an ad.
    • Ensure that any action taken by a consumer with respect to the ad (e.g., clicking on a certain spot) must not surprise him/her.
    • Tout an atypical result without informing consumers that the result is not typical.


Ads for “spyware” (adware) are prohibited. We define “spyware” as software that merely displays advertising. Ads for a product that is downloaded onto the user’s machine are acceptable only if:

    • The download begins only after the user clicks through to the advertiser’s website (i.e., no automatic downloads);
    • The user is required to affirmatively agree to the download in order for it to begin; and
    • Prior to agreeing to the download, the user is clearly told: (1) exactly what product(s) will be installed; and (2) exactly how the downloaded product(s) will function, including what personal information, if any, it/they will collect and/or use.