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How to list with SA Businesses: The Best South African Business Directory

SA Businesses provides various ways to list your business.

Paid Listings

Firstly, list your business on our site. Secondly claim your business. Thirdly and most importantly pay your minimum monthly subscription and your listing is published.There is no contract, therefore you can suspend your listing at anytime.

Promoted Listings

Promotion Listings will allow your business listing to appear at the top of search results. Thereby increasing your business visibility and gets you more leads. As a result getting you more to your listing from the most popular South African Business Directory.

Paid Claim Listings

Once you have claimed your business on the site, you will need to pay the minimum subscriptions. We will then work on your SEOs. As a result your listing will rank high on google search. And back links to your website will help raise your website on Google as we are on the first page of google.

Why list with our South African Business Directory

Benefits of listing on a South African Business Directory

Google has changed the way one can rank. Listing on our listing site will help your site go up on google pages and increase leads to your business. The benefits of listing on a listing site are endless including being cost effective. Marketing can be so expensive these days, which can be a big expense for startups and small businesses. Even big businesses are starting to cut cost.

Business listing sites do all the marketing, Keywords and SEO, saving businesses money and time. You never pay for per click or per view which saves tones of money from unnecessary clicks or passive viewers. Furthermore business directories work like a referral system that sends leads directly to you. In addition you do not need to have a website to list your business on a business directory. These sites help businesses get local customers as compared to just listing on google with out a specific location. To add to that google can be so competitive and businesses have to pay more money to appear in top searches. 

SA Businesses a South African listing site 

Understanding SEO’s is not easy and can be time consuming. Our business directory is familiar with how SEO’s work and can choose the right keyword or phrases for your listing. Getting the right keywords will eventually lead to a larger and more targeted audience. Therefore leading to a steady and consistent growth curve.

However, on our site we strive to create content rich information relevant to your business. For instance blogs and articles for businesses listed with us. In addition we at SA Businesses do not stripe all power from the business owner. They will have access to their back office where they can change or add content. 

In conclusion, as a business you will benefit more by listing with SA Businesses the most popular South African Business Directory. Not forgetting that your business can be easily indexed when you are on our business listing site. Learn more about SEO’s.