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Skin Care By SkinCue


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SkinCue Skin Care

1. Cleanser

Our cleanser is a deep Cleanser that doesn’t leave the skin dry . It contains Apricot Kernel that gently exfoliates and includes antioxidant properties. Further more it has Vitamin E and B17 . It leaves the skin radiant, smooth and youthful. Ideal for oily to combination skin .

2. Gentle Cleanser :

Gentle Cleanser is a hydrating thoroughly cleans the skin clean but hydrated. Ideal for dry to sensitive skin.

3. Moisturiser :

The moisturiser contains only the purest ingredients which includes Aloe, plant extracts and Vitamin E. It restores damaged cells. It is not greasy and is easily absorbed. Ideal for all skin type.

4. Eye Makeup Remover :

Use our eye makeup remover. It gently removes dirt and makeup.It doesn’t dry the skin and has a soothing effect. It leaves the eyelids hydrated, smooth and soft. Ideal for all skin types.

5. Toner :

The toner removes excess oils while cleaning the pores and tightening the skin . It reduces fine lines exfoliates dead skin and brightens dull skin.It is also high in Antioxidants.It leaves the skin soft and smooth with a smoothing effect. Ideal for oily to combination skin.

6. Day Cream:

Our Day Cream contains SPF 15 that protects the skin from UV rays that damage the skin and couse aging. It helps hydrate, Soften and condition the skin. Ideal for all skin types.

7. Night Cream:

This smooth Night Cream includes both Vitamin E and A which makes it high in antioxidants .It fights free radicals and assist with anti aging. It promotes new skin growth. Ideal for all skin types.

8. Weekly Scrub / Mask :

With our Weekly Scrub/ Mask exfoliates the skin is left smooth.It unclogs and shrinks the pores. It further absorbs excess oil and lifts Impurities.Can be used as a scrub or mask . Ideal for all skin types.Click here to


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