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For all your quality branding – outdoor and indoor advertising…gazebos, parasols, banners, flags, director’s chairs with excellent turnaround time. We specialize in quality finishing (stitching) of outdoor and indoor adverting products listed above. Caring for our environment is of great concern and we also

specialize in the production of heavy duty shopping bags and china/saga bags made from 100% recycled billboard material, at very affordable prices. We are flexible and time conscious as client convenience is our top priority.How to stand out at trade fairs, markets and information events? With personalised banners and flags designed by K.E.A.G BRANDING . With our selection of different sizes and designs, you will certainly be remembered. Gazebo banners or flags are directly attached to the top of the roof or the corners of your gazebo. The K.E.A.G BRANDING flag can also be set up as a freestanding flag.

What are we particularly proud of? The rotating support that can be placed on the roof, where you can fasten your personalised flag or banner.  With the rotating support on the roof and the custom-printed flag, you will be a highlight.


Our K.E.A.G BRANDING display solutions provide the perfect platform to advertise your brand anywhere you choose, allowing you to generate brand awareness and market your products or services to a wide audience with ease. Display products are easy-to-assemble and transport, allowing you to instantly transform any space into a branded space.

Whether you are a newcomer trying to gain much needed brand exposure or a well-established franchise, we understand the need to make the most of your marketing budget. With the high quality, reusable nature of our display products, you can be assured of an excellent return on investment.When choosing the ideal display solution for your business it’s important to consider the environmentin which you would like to predominantly use your display. For easy reference, we’ve classified ourdisplays into the following categories and ranges, based on their recommended application


Designed for environments with low exposure to the elements, these displays are portable, lightweight,easy-to-assemble and ideal for promoting your brand in retail outlets, office parks, reception areas,forecourts and at trade shows, conferences or events.


Ideal for outdoor environments these durable displays from K.E.A.G BRANDING are equipped to withstand the elements. Our innovative designs will allow you to conveniently assemble, dismantle and

store your display for any event. This range is suitable for brand launches, markets, sporting events, marathons, schools, festivals, golf days and so much more.All of our displays are manufactured to the highest standards and our scientific approach ensuresquality and consistency throughout. The following ranges are available and have been ranked basedon their construction, hardware, materials and design features


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