The Art of Healers

The Art of Healers

What are Healers?

As the centuries go by, there is an increase in healers; they can be doctors, spiritual healers or even traditional healers. You could be wondering what is a healer and what they do and why is it so significant in our society.

The Oxford dictionary definition of a healer is a person who can cure diseases or heal injuries by not using conventional medicine. I find this interesting because most people never believed in such healing, they usually went to doctors to seek for help.

People think about healing differently. Some may say it’s traditional and others primitive but it is proven to be helpful. A healer can help in ways modern medicine cannot. Such as inner peace and sickness.

Spiritual healing can be defined as the direct interaction between one individual (the healer) and a second (sick) individual. Usually it is to bring an improvement in the illness. It is known that energy medicine is used as an alternative medicine and based on a pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results.

People define energy differently but we can all agree it is a force of nature. As Dr Musa can channel God-given powers to heal. He can do anything that is impossible to you.

Spiritual healers usually use crystals, decks and a crystal bible during their readings as a source of guidance.

Dr Musa Bin Rashid is not only a spiritual healer but also a fortune teller as he can tell you about your future. if you want to know what the future has in stored for you in terms of romance and finance. It does not stop there as if there’s anything else you want to find out he will help you.

Why one would go to spiritual healers?

You can go to a healer for many reasons. Most people think it’s an African tradition only but it’s across the world. They can help you connect with God. Find your purpose and help you settle your past.

Not everyone goes to a healer because of these specific reasons:

  • To seek closure with dead
  • Deepening inner peace / Lightening of burdens
  • Healing
  • Restoration of a marriage
  • Increased vitality
  • Brings back lost lovers


Dr Musa Bin Rashid has God-given powers and natural herbs from the Mountains of the moon to help you find your true love/soul mate. Or reunite you with a special person that you have lost. He also gets rid of Aids, Cancer and any other severe sickness. So if you need help contact him. You call Dr Musa Bin Rashid today for FREE READINGS over the phone! +27720748505 or email at

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