Month: November 2020

Top Restaurant in Kensington

The Rusty Lady Bistro Restaurant The Rusty Lady Restaurant is the top restaurant in kensington and is a stunning mix of vintage, luxury, and modernity. This restaurant is situated in the heart of Kensington, on 145 Queen Street, near Eastgate Mall. You will be welcomed by friendly staff, aromas of heart-felt cooking and music that will uplift your

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Impact Of COVID-19 On Restaurants

Hombaze Restaurant Sandton Johannesburg With COVID-19 having altered – and still in the process of altering – the definition of “normal” across the world. Most industries are still scrambling to adjust. did a survey and discovered the effect on the restaurant industry in Johannesburg has been particularly dramatic. With many restaurants

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The Spice Cupboard Full of Spices

Arrival with a Bang The arrival of Spice Cupboard in Kensington on queen street was a relief to many people who live in surrounding areas. Their spices are of great quality and full of flavour. At the Spice Cupboard there is a wide range of spices to meet all their customers needs. When I went to spend some time in their shop, I wanted to

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