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Limitless Hub are suppliers and distributors of high-end, quality products with distribution throughout South Africa and to other countries across Africa. Despite being based in South Africa we distribute to many other countries in the continent. With the experience we have gained from living and working in many countries across the world, we have stumbled across many products in our time that we believe can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Limitless Hub was created in order for our community to gain access to these resources. This is a platform to get access to the products and services that we feel serve a great purpose in our world. Despite the fact that many people are not aware that they need these products. These products can be very helpful because they are not your typical cleaning products.

Products supplied by Limitless Hub

1. ADI

ADI is a proprietary brand of surface cleaner that will make sure to kill all dangerous viruses and pathogens. It is non-toxic as well as safe for humans and animals to consume. It is registered as a disinfectant with the NRCS because it is used as a cleaning product for houses. ADI is tested and proven to kill the following:
  • The produCoronavirus
  • Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Salmonella Gallinarum and Salmonella Enteritidis
  • S.aureus, E.hirae and P.aeruginosa
  • Aspergillus brassilliensis and Candida albicans
  • E.coli O157
  • Listeria Monocytogenes supplied are researched and tested thoroughly.
It can safely be used by your family and pets because it is non-toxic and can be used on hands and surfaces. Our product can be used for commercial and industrial use, office spaces, shopping malls, schools, recreational facilities, restaurants, medical facilities, distribution warehouses, public restrooms as well as vehicles. The complete food-value chain, veterinary spaces, and housing facilities can also withstand it. Agriculture Industries use ADI to ensure that facilities remain germ-free and can also be used safely on produce as well as kill all pathogens and increasing shelf life of produce. Also assists with algae problems and infestations. Poultry Industry uses ADI in processing plants, for treating and dipping of day-old chicks keeping them safe from harmful diseases as well as viruses. Moreover, it can also be used to safely inoculate eggs without affecting the embryo in any way. Livestock Industry uses it for the control of  Foot and Mouth Disease Viruses that are common in fields.

2. Purific

Purific is an effective and easy to use water sanitiser. It kills all bad germs present in the water in 20 minutes. Purific contains good-grade flocculant that binds with particles in suspension in the water and these then sink to the bottom of the container in an hour or two, depending on turbidity. Purific sanitizes your water, making it completely clean and free from bacteria. This is a way to purify your water.

Drinking Water:

Purific can be used at home or when you are on your camping trip. Purific cuts out the need for expensive filtrations systems and allows you to drink, cook, wash and water with peace of mind. . The agriculture industry uses Purific in their hydroponic and irrigation systems keeping their water source free of all harmful pathogens. Purific treats the root cause of the problem – “pathogens” in your water as well as protects your crops (vegetable and citrus, from pathogens such as sour rot, penicillium, phytophthora and many more). Hydroponic Farming: all water used in the hydroponic system (end-to-end). Conventional soil-based farming: use in all irrigation water for crops. Tunnel Farming: use in all irrigation. Purific is used in water used to clean facilities such as Abattoirs, Dairies and Food Processing Plants
  • Packhouses: used in washing and chemical application processes.
  • Poultry Farming: used for drinking water and dipping baths.
  • Cattle Farming: used in dipping/treating baths.
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