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At TEEM FERTILITY we believe in giving every couple a chance to become a parent. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the miscarriage prevention pack of mommies who are challenged by miscarriages. The advantages of the miscarriage prevention pack are: Prevention of Miscarriages Strengthening of the womb to carry full term. Growth of

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Pumzika Spa

Pumzika Spa is a unique and peaceful surrounding which allows you to release your stress. This metropolitan spa offers holistic disciplines of a spa journey, giving our guests time to rediscover a healthy and discerning lifestyle. All treatments will begin with a mindfulness exercise with your Spa therapist. PEDICURE LOUNGE TIP TOP SHAPE – INDULGE

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Imsyser Health Products

Product At Imsyser

we care about our client's health through Supplement Nutrition. When it comes to sales we do not do anything different. However, what makes us different is our products. Our product s are unique, 100% natural and safe to use for all ages. Therefore less side effects. Our passion is in helping the individual get better.

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is the owner and chiropractor at Pure Chiropractic. He qualified in 2007 with a Masters degree in chiropractic from the University of Johannesburg.


has experience in family wellness

which begins with pregnant ladies, paediatrics and children and extends into

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Cluny Farm

Cluny Farm Centre was founded on 28 August 1962 by Mrs. Helene McDougall. It started on a 8 hectare plot of 69 Witpoort/406JR with just one small house on donated by the Crause`s.From there it grew from strength to strength. Other pockets of land on Witpoort farm were purchased for expansion purposes Mission Cluny Farm Centre is a working farm in Sun Valley

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Logwood Village

THERAPEUTIC SERVICES The Social Work Department at Logwood Village facilitates

the psychosocial

well being of all the residents through holistic Therapeutic Services with a

person centred and strength

based approach. SPORTS & ACTIVITIES At Logwood Village our residents have access to a wide variety of sports

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UNIQUE: Virol-Oxy® is the most unique powder product for the safe and rapid disinfection and

deactivation of surfaces and contaminated places in a wide variety of emergency situations. VirolOxy® is dissolved in normal water for use, providing a safe working solution with a strong Pink

color. Virol-Oxy® working solution is also very

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Ahh Fabulous Care Agency

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Mission Statement AHH Fabulous Care Agency aims to become a healthcare provider of first choice in the South Africa through the provision of highly skilled and experienced care workers to children, adults and the elderly in the comfort of their homes, nursing homes and hospital settings. Objectives Our key objectives in delivering a

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