Your number #1 Cleaning Service Company

Your number #1 Cleaning Service Company

Nowadays there is a business for everything and anything. A few of these businesses that have been established are cleaning service companies. Usually, these companies were used in office space and restaurants but now you can hire a cleaning service company to come clean your home.

There are different types of cleaning services but we are only going to state 2 types. These are:

  • One-time Services  consisting of:
    • Regular cleaning, this type of cleaning is what most people do on a daily or weekly basis. This helps maintains a good level of cleanliness around one’s house.
    • Spring/Deep cleaning. A professional hygiene service that requires specific skills, formal application methods and products that achieve hygienic results. Also known as ablution hygiene treatment.
    • Move-in/Move-out cleaning. This type of cleaning aims to remove dust and dirt from a home after the owners or tenants have moved out.
  • Recurring Services; consisting of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning

Advantages a cleaning service

  1. In a working space having a cleaning service come in at least twice a week helps increase employee productivity.
  2. It helps reduce the spread of diseases
  3. It keeps the work and home environment much safer and healthier
  4. Controls that amount of storage space
  5. Helps reduce stress and fatigue

The Rachkim Cleaning Services

The Rachkim Cleaning Services is a cleaning company based in Johannesburg ready to be at your service. Their main goal is to leave their customers satisfied and happy at all times.

When they get a call from a potential client, they usually go access the place they will be working at before they give a quote. However they do this to know if there is any specific equipment that needs to be used or if there client might have any allergies.

Something that makes them very unique is that they include their clients in anything they consider doing and they also try reach an agreement that will suit the client’s satisfaction. They get their job done very quickly. They also make use of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to make sure that their workers are safe from the chemicals that they use.

Moreover, why not call The Rachkim Cleaning Services to provide you with great and excellent results.

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