Best 5 Restaurants in Johannesburg

Best 5 Restaurants in Johannesburg




Covid-19 pandemic has had tremendous effect on peoples lives and businesses especially Restaurants. A lot of Businesses around the world evaporated during the mass lockdowns that happened around the world as governments battled to contain the virus. In addition people were forced to stay in their own houses for months and this made a lot to press the reset buttons on how they perceive life.

People were so used to a culture which they were born into, which did not know masks, sanitisers and social distancing. The threat to public health was so pronounced that it needed no one to tell you but to see what surrounded you. The mortality rate was sky rocketing around the world. Any little cough will make those around you turn and stare just to make sure your cough is not related to Corona. Such was life in the midist of the Pandemic.

Now as Governments around the world are grappling with opening of their economies, so as South Africa. Lifestyles of people were cut short and with the opening of some of the services, Restaurants are also opening to the new norm. In Johannesburg there are restaurants which are doing very well as life is trying to trickle back to normal. I visited a number of restaurants in Johannesburg and the Restaurants are found doing well are Signature Restaurants, Flames Restaurant, Granite Bar and Lounge Restaurant, Cut and Craft, and Mable Restaurant.

Signature Restaurants

Signature Restaurant is the most exciting fashionable fine dining restaurant in Gauteng. Situated in Morningside, Sandton, the restaurant offers a unique mix of exclusivity, flexibility, comfort, sophistication and design. Signature restaurants, deliver an unparalleled mix of attention to detail, flawless service, sumptuous cuisine and some of the best bluesy/jazz sounds on nightly basis

The minute you walk into the restaurant you will be treated like royal until you walk out. Mr Desmond Mabuza, the Proprietor, always find time to come to your table and greet you. Very humble man who takes pride in making sure that you get the best from his restaurants. I had Beef Carpaccio as my starter. Very tender and served with grace. The melodious music wich filtered from somewhere was ever so welcomed into my ears. It was around 1500hrs when I sauntered into the Restaurant when I was received with courtesy and shown to a window seat which I had chosen. This starter really opened my buds and a glass of red, recommended to me by the waitress who was serving me went down well.

For my main I had Oxtail, which was served on the born with rice. This was so beautiful in my mouth that I really took my time here. All my months of being on a lockdown in my house were easily forgotten as I savour to this scrumptious meal. On scanning around me, I realised how busy this place was and every waiter was running between the kitchen and the dinning area.

I continued into the evening as entertainment was changed to a jazz player on the piano. You can also go and experience what I experienced. Their contacts are below:

Telephone: 011 884 8888
Directions: Click here for directions from Google
Whatsapp: 011 884 8888

Flames Restaurant

My quest to find out the best restaurants in Johannesburg continued with a visit to the Flames Restaurant which is located on 67 Jan Smuts Ave, Westcliff, Johannesburg, 2132. My wife decided to tag along.

The minute we walked out of the lift I was received by a view that is reserved for angels. I was not very hungry but this drew my inner appetite and was ready for what was to come. The welcome was welcoming. Nicely suited, the receptionist directed us to a table which had a view of Rosebank, Joburg Zoo, Sandton and not forgetting the Beautifully built Johannesburg Hospital.

Looking closely below in the zoo, my wife was quick to notice elephants. If I try to describe the beauty of the view, I will end up not doing justice. Please just know that its breath taking.

We had booked for a buffet. The starters we exquisite

By the time I went for my Lamb Chops, my wife was almost halfway through with her Chicken. Her aim was to get to the desert for she loves desert. Being there made me realise that, if the food is right, not even Corona virus can make people stay away in quest for good food.

This place will dazzle you and their details are as follows:

67 Jan Smuts Ave, Westcliff, Johannesburg, 2132

The Granite Bar And Lounge

When a new born baby is born people rush to see and welcome the baby. It’s the norm of our human race. When I heard of the Granite being opened and how vibrant it was I thought it was just a bar at first but I kept hearing rumours how tasty their food was. I decided to go and see for myself this baby who was born in the midst of Covid 19. In the midst of Tembisa next to yet another vibrant place, Busy Corner, stood erect Granite Bar and Lounge.

Walking into the lounge, you will forget immediately that you are in Tembisa as you are ushered to a table of your choosing. If it was not because of the rules of Social Distancing, I would like to believe that this place will be full to capacity for some people were not allowed to come in. The waiters were busy and I was attended to immediately. I did not waste time before I ordered T-bone Steak. Whatever the chef did to that T-bone made me to be a satisfied customer. From the corners of my eyes I was checking what other people were eating. OMG, I could not help it but to feast with my eyes.

This is one place you have to visit:

Address: 27 & 29, Busy Corner Mall, 85 Bluegum Street, Ebony Park, Thembisa, 1632

Phone: 010 – 447 – 7444


Marble Restaurant

Marble has always been one of my favourite. The fact that the meat is grilled as you watch it makes a difference. The ambience as you walk in is comforting and your wallet will automatically open up to whatever amount its told to cough out.

Situated in Keyes Art Mile, the growing art and food hub of Rosebank, Marble Restaurant will boast a grand wood-fired grill imported from Grill Works situated in Michigan as the focal point of the restaurant. 

Covid 19 has been disruptive but when you walk into this restaurant you will wonder if it was ever. The amount of people coming to this Restaurant are many. My wife and I chose a window table for the view. Being a Friday afternoon we went for a bottle of Red to accompany whatever we wanted to eat.

My wife went with Marble bites as I delve into Octopus.

For the main my wife went for Salmon on the coals, roasted cauliflower in Josper, pea salsa, olive tapenade

As for myself I took the bull by it horns and went for Sirloin on the bone which was saved with  hassleback potato, red pepper pesto, mushrooms, roasted garlic dressing, parmesan

If you feel like having nice food in a relaxed atmosphere you can make a booking with them at:

Trumpet on Keyes, Corner Keyes & Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Telephone: +27 10 594 5550


Cut and Craft

The Name Speaks for itself. Situated in Johannesburg, just a kilometre away from the famous Eastgate mall in Kensington on Queens street. Everything in this restaurant is hand crafted and most of their food is also crafted to your taste.

This restaurant stands out for me because of its receptiveness to business meetings over good food. The reception you get as you walk in makes you to feel at home. My visit was when I had a meeting and we decided to meet at the Cut and Craft. The wifi was good, the waiters were good and most importantly the food was delicious. Their Covid guidelines will make you comfortable and know that you are in safe hands. Since it was in the morning I went for the Jozi. It comprises of Boerewors cubes, baked beans,herbed potato, fried mushroom,topped and baked with mozzarella cheese and a poached egg.

You can find the at :

159 Queen Street, South Kensington, Johannesburg Tel: 0116150230

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    October 22, 2020

    Wow, I happened to bump into your blog. You are a life saver. I have friends from broad coming over for one week. I think I will visit all of the above in rotation. Its a well written blog and I hope the food is as you have described it. I will let you know my take after I have visited all of them.

  • Desiree'


    October 22, 2020

    Not a very impressive blog. Find a proofreader before you publish.

    • admin


      October 22, 2020

      Thanks for the advice. Will do that next time.

  • Cassy


    October 22, 2020

    I found this blog useful. Thank you very much for this. Will definitely visit them, especially after this lockdown.

  • Jacob


    October 22, 2020

    I have been to all these restaurants – yes, I agree with the blogger. They are beautiful restaurants which will give you the required service. Thanks for this nice memory. I recommend strongly

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