Local Fashion Brands Need Support

Local Fashion Brands Need Support

We are living in a time where independent entrepreneurs need support from their communities more than ever. Do you know any local brand? Are you supporting them? Are you recommending potential customers to them? We need to start giving recognition to all the upcoming fashion brands because if we don’t support them who will?

Why support local Fashion Brands?

  • Helps give growth to the local economy
  • It diversifies the commercial market
  • Supports craftsman
  • Creates unique designs
  • You get to enjoy personalized service
  • You’ve got easy access to the brands

SA businesses got the opportunity to list some of these upcoming brands because we believe they have the potential to become one of the biggest brand in the country and worldwide.

KP Leather holdings

KP Leather is a customization leather company that customizes bags and accessories. With a heartfelt story of how the business started, Msizi Ntini has been able to make a name for himself.

They use genuine leather on their products and designs. Additionally, they also try to incorporate new trends in their designs which is what makes them unique. You can find KP Leather on:

Facebook: @kpleather1

Instagram: @kp_leather

CEE Clothing

CEE is a company filled with young and ambitious entrepreneurs that have so much passion for street culture and fashion. Hilary being the owner of this new found brand, was inspired by his late grandfather and fellow youngsters to start his clothing brand.

Their prices are very cost effective because they try accommodate each and everyone. They manufacture Products mostly made for people with an eye for high fashion. You can find CEE clothing on:

Facebook: @Cee Clothing

Instagram: @cee___clothing

Caption Ltd.

Caption Ltd. is a clothing brand that manufactures and supplies a quality clothing as well as encouraging the Youth to be more independant. Owen and Zidane are the founders of Caption. Their love and passion for fashion is what led to them starting the brand.

They believe that they must put their clients in mind every time they create something different. They have created their merchandise with care and positive energy. Despite being part of such a competitive industry, Caption Ltd. always strives to bring authenticity as well as creativity with their clothing. You can find Caption Ltd on:

Ihttps://www.instagram.com/caption_ltd/nstagram: @caption_ltd

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