Jollof Rice Gone South

Jollof Rice Gone South

Jollof Rice

What is Jollof Rice

Berry Foods Restaurant has managed to bring Jollof Rice to South Africa. Jollof Rice is a popular dish eaten in most parts of West Africa, most notably Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, and Nigeria. Though many of the dishes share similarities, there are variations in nomenclature and differences in the kind of ingredients used. For instance, the Senegalese and the Gambians refer to it as ceebujenn or bennachin respectively. In French-speaking areas, you will hear Jollof Rice referenced as riz au gras.

Berry Foods has made it happen….Jollof has landed in South Africa.  The South African people are now having the opportunity to flock and taste the classic dish of western Africa. The myth and commotion as to invented it still lingers on in these western Countries. That is a topic on its own which will need another day.

The receptive taste buds for the South Africans who appreciate food will be further opened to another level. Introducing a dish in a foreign land is not easy because a lot can go wrong. Berry Foods was careful and articulate in how it introduced Jollof rice in South Africa. Not short cuts were taken. When you visit them once, you will never forget them again.

The ingredients



Jollof Rice is a meal comprising of rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, peppers, salt, spices, and vegetable oil. While there are different modifications added to Jollof Rice dishes depending on the country, you can always find these core ingredients across the Jollof Rice spectrum.

Very soon the talk of Jollof rice will spread like fire in South Africa. No need to fly to any of the latter mentioned western countries when you can have it here. Berry Foods has brought it here. I am blogging about it because I would like you to go to Kempton park and taste it for yourself. Your review below on your experience will be most appreciated.

The Restaurant

You can find Berry Foods Restaurant at  15 Maraboe Rd, Birch Acres, Kempton Park, 1618 and you can also get them on +27738004386

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