Protect your business from riots or looters

Protect your business from riots or looters

How to keep your business safe and running when there are riots and looters.

Riot proof business ideas

In the past week, South Africa has been facing tragic unrest. Where both individuals and businesses are affected. Businesses didn’t have the ability to run because of the intensive riots and looters that looted in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. As a business owner, protecting your business during times like this should be your number one priority. Here are some suggestions to consider protecting yourself and your business:

1. Stay home

It is always safe to stay at home during times like these. Riots can become very violent quick, so you wouldn’t want any harm caused upon you. You only have one life to live, you can always build another business.

2. Remove your stock if possible

This could be highly effective specially for small/ medium businesses. Once you have heard of anticipated looting or rioting try and get your stock out of your business, especially if your insurance only covers building and not content. Replenishing stock can be very costly and can lead to a business closing its doors.

3. Installation of security systems

Installing security systems around your business is a great investment. This helps deter, monitor and slowdown looters or Rioters. These systems include CCTV camera, security alarms, electric fences, gates and many more. Companies like Belko Security Systems or Hupro Services can assist with consultation and installation. Link your alarm system your security company.

4. Hire a good Security Company

When hiring a security company consider one that covers the area you are located in. This is important because it reduces the time of arrival if there is an incident. Ensure that the security company you go with have well trained guards and are professional. Security companies like Linco Security are a good example of security companies to call. Search to find security companies in your area.

5. Reinforce and maintain

Get your gates, fences and security bars maintained regularly. Having weak spots could assist the criminals with easy passage. Getting hold of a good welder like Classic Welders, A C Aluminium or Genx T could save you time and money

6. Get comprehensive cover from your insurance company

Although having less coverage from your insurance company works cheaper, it could cost you more when you faced with crisis. Ensure that you read the small print and that you are covered for things like natural disasters and riots or looters. Cover both your building and contents.

Finally it’s not easy recovering from such situations is a great place to start. List your business on and get found easily.

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