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Embroidery Machines




Machines have revolutionized almost every industry in the world and embroidery is definitely among them. Embroidered clothe was for the rich only in the olden days since it took long hours. It took a very skilled worker to produce beautiful and colourful designs on fabric. The birth of the machines changed all that. With the machines, people are able to do mass productions of any designs on fabric. Embroidery is now mostly used by companies and individuals. This is mostly when they do branding for their businesses. Some use it for leisure like when they have anniversaries, birthdays, parties etc. This was made possible by the do it faster which was brought by Printhaven. Lets not forget that before machines, hand Embroidery was popular, hence the rich only could only afford it. http://printhaven.co.za/ has top of the range machinery that takes bulk orders.

Printhaven Embroidery Machine


Machines are known to be reliable. hey need the human expertise when loading the style of the chosen Embroidery you want. This is where companies like http://printhaven.co.za/ stand out. Their  IT department work together with the machine operators. Its actually a language which will need to be understood by humans. Once understood it is fed to the machines. The IT department deals with branding and advice on how business can brand themselves. It also advise on how it will look on the fabric including colours. The machines almost always makes the job easier.

Once a design is created and fed into the machine then the machine can be trusted to reproduce the similar design for all the copies. This is extremely important for an industry or a commercial venture which has to cater to the maximum number of customers.

Speed in Embroidery

Machines can work much faster than humans without fatigue, both physical and mental. It can take hours to embroider a single garment by hand, but a machine can drastically cut down the time. The only time-consuming stage in machine embroidery is the creation of the design which is the only phase that involves creativity or artistry. Once that is done then it’s a swift process compared to embroidering by hand.

Low cost

Embroidery used to be expensive because of the effort and hours that had to be put into making them. It took a high level of skill and a lot of time to embroider a single garment. This made embroidery very expensive and an unaffordable luxury for the economically lower classes and households where food was a priority. Machines made it much easier to produce embroidered garments in bulk. This reduced the cost to the point where a lot more people were able to afford it.

More perfection
Since machines are accurate, you can produce designs with perfect symmetry, which increases the aesthetic appeal. This makes the work look elegant. It is also possible to see how the design is going to turn out before sewing it in. And, with machines eliminating human errors like the slip of the hand and so on. It became possible to churn out clothes that are just as good as a skilled worker much faster and cheaper. At http://printhaven.co.za/ they are reasonable and have customers at heart.


These reasons led machine embroidery to thrive. This is because a lot of people don’t want to spend large amounts of money to get their clothes embroidered by hand. Elitists claim bulk production kills the art that goes into making the beautiful patterns. However, machines are what made embroidery available to the common man and not just a luxury only for kings and the elite.

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