Clothes by Crawl Clothing

Clothes by Crawl Clothing

Clothes by Crawl Clothing.

Crawl Clothing is a proudly South African clothing brand that was established in 2017. Crawl prides itself with quality clothes for everyone. We produce a range of quality clothing and keep up with local and international street trends. And, the products are made locally at the Crawl Clothing warehouse. Therefore when you shop with us you are supporting a South African dream.

Our Mission for our clothes

Create quality clothes that make people feel good and proud when wearing them

Our Vision for our clothes

To be a leader and game-changer in street wear in South Africa

The Team who make the clothes

The Crawl Team comprises of the Founder and Creative Director, The Marketing Head and Operations Manager, 6 tailors, 3 general work employees, 1 driver and 6 sale assistants, 3 official brand ambassadors. It is a growing team with plans to expand further in the next few months

Crawl Clothing is geared towards people who would like to feel confident and good. We use high quality materials when making our clothes. Because of this, Crawl Clothing has 3 shops opened in Mpumalanga, Johannesburg and Durban. Our long term goal is to make sure we have shops in every town of RSA.

More about Us…

MANDLA SHONGWE Is the brains behind crawl and was able to disseminate his vision and Mission to his team well. He also  figured that to maintain the quality and also to be able to give their customers unique style that goes with trend at that particular time the team need to be producing their own clothes. Hence, Crawl Clothing opened their own manufacturing warehouse so that we are consistent with the service we give to our customer.

Mr Shongwe feels that the clothes they make resonates with everyone who buys them. He believes that the feel good factor will just come immediately once you wear any of their clothes. Moreover, there is a provision whereby they allow people to come and be measured so that their clothes are made to fit.

Crawl Clothing has the community at heart. From time to time they engage the community whereby they give back to the community. Mr Shongwe is a peoples person and he feels by doing this, it will help other people realise that Crawl Clothing is not just a business but a company that likes giving back to the community.

Whenever you are think of buying clothes, its best to have a look at Crawl Clothing or even call Mr Shongwe. The whole team is ready to help and make sure that your needs are met.

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