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Embroidery Machines

      Machines have revolutionized almost every industry in the world and embroidery is definitely among them. Embroidered clothe was for the rich only in the olden days since it took long hours. It took a very skilled worker to produce beautiful and colourful designs on fabric. The birth of the machines changed all that. With the machines, people are able

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Jollof Rice Gone South

What is Jollof Rice Berry Foods Restaurant has managed to bring Jollof Rice to South Africa. Jollof Rice is a popular dish eaten in most parts of West Africa, most notably Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, and Nigeria. Though many of the dishes share similarities, there are variations in nomenclature and differences in the kind of ingredients used. For instance,

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Advantages of Visible Security

 Why Security Guards The world we live has evolved to another level of abnormality when it comes to crime. Vandals and thieves have no regard for other people’s properties. They are so selfish, and only think of destroying what’s in front of them in order to get what they want. Most companies are now having to hire security companies which provide guards

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Making your Business Known

Why List Your Business with a Business Directory? The business world we live in today is quite competitive. Firstly, everyone wants their business to be known, but the question is, how can you be known and be seen with millions of companies like yours? This where the Business directory comes in. In other words, to be known and to be seen requires a

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Picture of Corporate Training

Making Businesses Known!

SA Businesses is the premier online business directory in the country. We are making strides in making businesses known by other businesses and customers. Firstly, listing your business with us, will be the best present you will have given your business. Secondly, Listing your business on SA Businesses means that all people who frequent our site looking for

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