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The Rusty Lady Bistro Restaurant is located in the historically and culturally rich Queen Street of Kensington suburbs in Johannesburg. It is the wondrous and tranquil Bistro. A special, quaint little place and definitely worth a visit. With a tranquil laid back feeling, good food, and good wine, the Rusty Lady is now a name ingrained in person and establishment. We will strive to make your visit wondrous and lasting and a source of total enjoyment.

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Firstly, at the back we have a wide screen for those fans of Football, Rugby or Cricket. The Rusty Lady Bistro restaurant is well designed to make you feel at home, however, our priority will be to make you enjoy the experience. Secondly, The food we serve, is fresh and cooked as you wait. Thirdly and most importantly, we try to keep it rustic. From the time you walk in, you will actually feel the rustic touch.

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Since we are in Johannesburg where business is always on the move, we accommodate business people who might want to come and use our premises as they dine. Our range of wines are finely selected to meet your needs. For every meal you choose we will recommend a wine that will go with it.

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