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About Us

C’ZAR Freelance Chefs is a catering service situated in Pretoria. We are a mobile company that can be hired by anyone that is hosting an event or a function. Moreover, our team comes with their own tools and equipment or we can use the client’s kitchen; it depends on the client preference.

Services C’ZAR Freelance Chefs provide

We are a personal chef service that provides gourmet meals for clients in the comfort of their own home/camps since we believe in tranquility and comfort. Caesar, will custom design a menu, grocery shop, then prepare the meals at the residence/venue. Moreover, each meal is made according to the client’s request and special diets can be accommodated. We will also prepare as few as one meal and up to seven meals on that designed day. The client may then enjoy the meal at that time, or specific warming instructions will be left for the meal to be enjoyed at a later time. Czar Freelance Chefs offers daily, weekly and monthly service with plans to suit every budget and schedule. Furthermore, Gift certificates are also available for clients, new moms, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or as unique gifts. Another service Czar freelance chefs, offers is private dinner parties. There are three dinner plans to choose form which suit every taste. Your personal chef, Caesar, will stay and prepare the food in front of the guests for that evening.

Clients Benefits

The benefits our clients enjoy by using our Freelance Chef services include:
  1. Freedom from time consuming grocery shopping and meal planning and more time to spend with your family and relax because we believe that this is very essential
  2. Choose from our extensive menu or create your own.
  3. Complete menu choices based on your needs. We can accommodate customers with health concerns and satisfy every taste.
  4. A great option for singles who find it difficult to “cook for one”, but still want a home cooked meal.
  5. Enjoy delicious, healthy meals without having to dine out.
  6. Daily, weekly, or Monthly service with plans to suit every budget and schedule.
  7. A great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, new moms, new homeowners, mother’s day, Valentine’s day and other special occasions.
  8. An excellent way to say ” Thank You” to your clients.

Personal Chefs Services

-Small Intimate Gatherings: Dinner parties, special events, food and wine pairings, winery events, intimate dinners, marriage proposals, anniversary dinners, cocktail parties, small weddings

Cooking Class and Instruction

Have Chef Caesar come to your home for private instruction or a class for a small group. And learn to cook in the privacy of your own kitchen, on your own equipment Learn tricks on how to saute, how to create fancy desserts, how to create the perfect sauces, how to create the perfect omelet, pancake, how to purchase meats and produce, proper knife usage. Furthermore, how to freeze properly, shortcuts, how to properly season and hints from top restaurants.

Freelance -Interactive Online Cooking Lesson

There are interactive lessons you can always chat with the chef online and he will take through steps on how to prepare a preferred Dish Ask Chef Caesar questions as he is teaching you how to make your favorite dishes. Moreover, students will receive written copies of the recipes via email after the class Chef on the Go offers the menu below to assist customers with making their selections, from each food area.
  1. soups
  2. poultry
  3. salads
  4. sauces
  5. meats
  6. vegetarian
  7. seafood
  8. vegetables
  9. desserts
Because we are experts at cooking we make sure that our clients have the best service. Leave us a review because we believe that we improve from what you think about us and follow us on our social media platforms (Facebook)