Nucleo 3 Pack Superfood Saving Special

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We really believe that you and I deserve at least one
affordable… super healthy meal… every day…
And that is exactly why we are manufacturing the Superfood NUCLEO.
Nucleo is a well-balanced, high fat, high protein, low GI Carb, meal replacement shakes/smoothies.
  • Formulated by a medical & anti-aging specialist.
  • Free from sugar.
  • Free from gluten.
  • Free from dairy.
  • Free from chemical preservatives.
  • It provides sustained energy.
  • It improves concentration.
  • It provides extraordinary capacity to fight disease.

Nucleo® is unique in that no other shake or porridge in South Africa:

  • Combines 43 nutritional ingredients which includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega oils, antioxidants, protein and carbohydrates the body needs to ensure sustained energy release, improved concentration and reduced fatigue and illness, while gradually fortifying the Immune System.
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1 review for Nucleo 3 Pack Superfood Saving Special

  1. Imsyser Health

    Best product ever!! Value for money Special!!

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