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About Us

Reservations Africa, a booking site, was Established in 2015, in Johannesburg, South Africa. It falls under the umbrella company, Advie Group of Companies. Firstly, within its first early stages we managed to have a lot of  hotels and guest houses sign up. Secondly, our focus is African Hotels.  These are strategically placed in areas full of African Adventures, business, relaxation and luxury. There are a lot of customers who want a room. It can be for a night or longer, find our site quite helpful.  There is a quick response from the team.  The instant booking make most customers want to use our site. The Global business world is becoming smaller. Hence people are in constant search for accommodation, car hire, cheap flights etc. On our booking site, we have made it easy for our business customers. They search for convenient accommodation with the comfort that is needed. Not forgetting a ONE STOP SHOP for all the travel needs. As for the guests that love adventure, luxury or safari’s you can find all you need on our booking site. Thirdly and most importantly,  we focus on African Hotels and destinations to show the world the beauty that Africa holds. We have hotels that situated near the Pyramids city, to the dense forests all the way to the African Big Five. We have beautiful beach fronts and garden accommodation its all your choice. In conclusion, we are always ready  to provide the best service to our Customers and Partners. We try to respond to queries within 48hrs. www.reservationsafrica.

Booking process

In order with Reservations Africa. There is simple steps that you will have to follow. First you go to the site and then you click on your preferred hotel then we will receive the notification and we will make the booking for you. We have a great passionate team that will always be ready to help you. Furthermore, we pride in the fact our team are always at the service of our customers Reservations Africa will like to see your reviews and what you think about us. Please leave us a review and we will get back to you as soon as we see it.