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For many people, working with food all day would be a dream come true. Whether you’re serving up gourmet meals in a restaurant. Crafting cookie recipes in the kitchen or taking your dishes on the road in a food truck, there are so many ways to turn your love of food into a successful (and delicious!) career. But working in the food industry isn’t easy — it comes with its own set of challenges and not-so-tasty troubles, too. Tindo Cakes is no excerption.

Wondering what it’s like to follow the foodie path? This is one of the path which is not easy for you can get it wrong many times. There is a lot of pressure to get it right. It can be a wedding cake, birthday cake or an occasional cake, the ultimate result must be excellent. Tindo Cakes thrive on excellence.

Baking at Tindo Cakes

Tindo Cakes bake, design and deliver custom cakes and cupcakes for different Occasions. We hand-draw designs, like spaceships and polar bears, with vanilla buttercream so everything actually tastes good. Tindo Cakes also assemble delicious party snacks inside pouches — things like chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and tea cookies — wrap them up into beautiful light-aqua gift boxes and ship them to recipients throughout the contiguous South Africa.

Though there is flexibility with Tindo Cakes schedule, it takes serious discipline to get things done in a timely manner and it requires major mental and physical strength. We are talking about if you are a highly negative person, running a business is not recommended. It is not a “piece of cake,” even if we do get to eat cake often. The stress can be overwhelming and take over every bit of our time and health, and then the negativity can creep in very quickly if we are not paying attention. Then our work is affected by negativity. Personally, I feel that when I’m positive, all the products that leave the kitchen reflect that energy so there is so much of a balancing act involved to make sure I’m positive, happy, healthy but still getting everything done on time quickly.  

People often say you need to really love what you do in order to pursue something. To an extent, I agree, because why do something you abhor every day? But more so than that, at Tindo Cakes firmly believe that it takes discipline and persistence to make anything work, even with things that you aren’t in complete love with. People can literally sell actual garbage and it’s because they found a way to do it right. Love can be learned along the way, as no job will be amazing in every aspect. 


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