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Stan Electronics is a company situated in Johannesburg. We operate in the security and electronics sector.  We have been in the industry for many years and have acquired a lot of experience from the many jobs we have done. Your property’s security will be in great hands with us because we truly care and look out for your safety. Our team members do research on the area in which we are working because it makes it easier to figure out the system required. The services we offer range from simple security to complex security processes. We make sure that whatever we offer is suitable for your property/business. The services we offer alarms, access control, intercoms, CCTV cameras IP and analogue, electric fencing, networking wiring and programming, gate motors just to name a few. Having all these systems installed is our domain.

Electronics We Offer

1. CCTV camera security systems

We have specialized install and repair CCTV cameras. The CCTV cameras installation can be connected to your home devices such as laptops, computers, televisions and phones. We do not charge a very high price, hence, our services could be very cost-effective for your budget. You can contact us if you have any problems because we are always ready to help.

2. Garage door and Motors

Our team members are specialist in installation, services, sales and repairs of garage door and motors. We fix gate and garage motors damaged from lightning and we provide you with premier services of security. If you happen to be dealing with a faulty garage door that is bothering you be sure to contact us.

3. Intercom systems

We are expert in both high quality and faulty intercoms. Furthermore, we include high maintenance, servicing, sales and repairs. We fix speakers of intercoms so to allow proper transmission of waves to flow through the intercom because a faulty intercom is problematic and produces static. We are aware of the importance of having a clear sound system in a working place. Our services do a long term job on your systems.

4. Electric fencing security systems

We install and repair electric fencing in commercial sectors. The electric fence comes with C.O.C which the company can use as a warning for intruders. The electric system is placed with high maintenance and servicing. Our electric fences are well installed by a team of experts so they require minimal maintenance so we assure you that you fence is in good hands.

5. Alarm Security Systems

As a company we offer only the best alarm security systems. We offer paradox, DSC and IDS alarm systems. Our team installs these systems very professionally. We also offer repairs for all these systems. Contact us and leave us a review


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