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1. Decide the size of your Structure for the Chickens

As a general rule of thumb , chickens needs 3-4 square feet of space of structure per chicken. So if you’re planning to have 3, then you’ll need 12 square foot Structure (3×4, 6×2, or bigger). However, if you plan to coop them all the time, you need at least 10 feet each. If the space is too small, your chickens will not be happy. The structure will get smelly real fast, your chicken will be stressed out, they will start pecking each other, they will get sick, and eventually, die. You can technically provide less than 3 square feet per chicken, BUT they must be outdoors most of the time. For smaller bantam breeds, you’ll only need 2 square feet instead of 4. At SC Kays Poultry Structures we make like life easy for you because we:

2. Decide the location

We Consider these when choosing the location for your chicken Structure: Pro tip: Don’t decide a location right away, monitor the area for at least one week to make sure there’s no major problem.

3. Plan the coop

Your structure isn’t just a wall and roof to protect your chickens, there are things on the inside (and outside) to keep your chickens alive and healthy. Here are a few important things we plan for you. Must-haves: Nice-to-haves: That’s the basic, but not everything. I can’t go too in-depth in this article, otherwise, the whole page would become too long. You can get us on Tel: 0843697778

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