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About Us Our Company Providing Quality Steel Engineering Fabricated Products that is Cost and Time effective . Solar products that are Energy Efficient. Creating viable innovative solutions and products any where on the African Continent and across many sectors. A driving force in Africa’s economic development using 4IR capabilities and solutions. Moreover, Delivering Superb Products and Services Always. Our Values We strive to make an impact by adding value to our customer Service Excellence is non negotiable. Our business model is based on integrity and honesty. We deliver sustainable and workable solutions through our product and services delivered with Steel Engineering. Our Mission & Vision Red Scope’s delivery model is rooted in our hand on approach and involvement to each project.Delivery of goods and services is directly controlled by senior staff who are supported by a highly competent team.


Construction, Civil Works , Development and Refurbishment. Providing Quality Engineering Steel Fabricated Products that is Cost and Time effective. Products that are Energy Efficient. A driving force in Africa’s economic development using 4IR capabilities and solutions. Creating viable innovative solutions and products any where on the African Continent and across many sectors. Delivering Superb Products and Services Always. Our Service Offerings Committed to Being The Best… We pride ourselves to be part of the development, construction and rehabilitation of civil works in SA and Mozambique. Tailored solutions – we deliver specific, bespoke / turn key solutions when a project calls for it. We are adept at delivering EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction), and Construction Management solutions. Furthermore, we also have experience in Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and Design and Construction (D&C) delivery models. CONSTRUCTION, CIVIL ENGINEERING PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Building Construction and Refurbishment Works (Plumbing; Electrical; Flooring; Sports Facilities; Swimming Pools; Roofing etc) and Facilities Management. ENERGY EFFICIENCY PRODUCTS The approach is to provide some basic energy efficiency products to organisations and ordinary people in Africa that is sustainable and affordable.The product range includes; Solar Lighting; Solar Panels and LED’s for industrial Lighting and Residential Lighting ENGINEERING CONSULTING SERVICES We offer a unique combination of building and engineering disciplines and expertise, enabling us to deliver world class solutions to our customers across the broad spectrum of building, industrial and civil projects PROJECT MANAGEMENT Consultation & Project, Conceptualisation, Contract Management/Administration, Overall Construction project, management i.e. Planning, co-ordination, monitoring and control of project activities, Operation and maintenance management


Pipes, Fittings and PVC Accessories PVC Casing Customized solutions, with a superior quality of product finishing, specially doors and windows, directed to the residential and commercial architecture markets. Pipes & Fittings most admired and recalled brand of its sector in the region on building, infrastructure, irrigation and accessories, with over 15.000 product variations. Painting Tools With product lines available for the furniture, artistic and educational sectors, there are more than 1.000 variations with high quality and technology, presenting high standard solutions into the market. STORING WATER HYGIENICALLY FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. Pure water storage system COMPLETE DRAINAGE The base of the FTC FRP Panel Type Water Tank is constructed with convex bottom panels FLEXURAL STRENGTH Flexural strength, also known as modulus of rupture, bend strength, or fracture strength, is defined as a material’s ability to resist deformation under load. THE INSULATED PANEL Insulated panel has rigid polyurethane (PU) foam, of low thermal conductivity, sandwiched between inner FRP layer and outer Resin cover. R&D, E-COMMERCE DEPARTMENT, NETWORK OPERATION DEPARTMENT, MARKETING AND AFTER-SALES Solar Energy LED Appliances LED Bulb Light, LED Panel Light, LED Tube Light, LED Flood Light, LED Street Light Anern Factor Advanced production equipment, specialized production line, talented R&D team and adopting worldwide leading technology, through international standard management and strict quality control to ensure the stable-performance and high-quality products. Solar Appliances Wide range of outdoor solar appliances from All-in-one Solar Street Light to regular solar street lights to solar power systems for homes.


Steel Structures Our Scope of work includes Our Key Products offerings Prefabricated steel structure warehouse, workshop, factories, plants, storage sheds, garage, hangars. The types of the buildings could be portal frame, flat roof, gable roof, truss roof, arch roof, clean span, multi spans, single floor, multi floors, with or without overhead crane etc. One Stop Service If the Clients provide basic information on requirements (length, width, height etc.) of the buildings they want, the following can be provided: Designing: Design the proposed drawing, shop drawing/fabrication drawing(for fabrication), construction drawing(for installation). Fabrication: Fabrication of all the steel structure components such as steel beam, column, purlin, bracing, corrugated steel cladding, sandwich panel, provide all the necessary accessory such as bolts, ventilator, windows & doors, etc. Installation or Guide installation on site. Bespoke Service If drawings provided We could Improve or design the fabrication drawing or shop drawing based on your architectural drawing and construction drawing, then fabricate the steel   structure in our factory. deliver on site and installation or guide installation on site.


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