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My name is Winnet Vashiko, a Property Consultant and Real Estate Agent . I have been in the Real Estate business for 10 years. As a result, I work as a Property Consultant at Cle’ Properties a South African Pvt Ltd company. Among other accolades, I celebrate being in the RNS top ten listing agents in August 2018 in the Real Estate Industry. My strength as a Property Consultant and Real Estate Agent is in negotiating deals that are a Win – Win for buyers and sellers. I believe that every house is unique and can speak a language only its true intended buyer can hear. I enjoy helping clients listen to that voice when they get into THEIR house. As a result, I take pride in making sure that all my clients get the best service they deserve.

Purchasing a Property

Buying a property is not an easy task. It requires patients and clear mind, for instance. This where I come in for I will take off the load from your shoulders. In fulfilling my role as a property consultant, I evaluate the requirements and objectives of clients to identify their needs. As a result, I conduct surveys to obtain data. This provides information regarding profitable property investments, for instance. I also give clients recommendations and advice on choice properties to invest in. Maintain a database of residential, industrial, and commercial properties in the market is part of what I do. I may assist investors in making purchase of properties that meet their requirements. As part of my work description, I am able to develop and implement strategies effective for increasing the worth of a property. Usually, I collaborate with legal attorneys to prepare tenancy and sales documents for property. I assist in the resolution of issues with property residents or tenants. So I engage in a lot of travelling to inspect various properties or to meet with clients. Looking forward to listing, selling, evaluating or helping you buy your dream property.


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