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Dinky Box should be your first destination when looking for original painted art work. We are able to alter your everyday moments, beloved images as well as pictures into a great portrait. There are many businesses that offer the same services however, we guarantee that our services are different and one of kind.

We always complete our paintings to  absolute perfection so that our customer can be satisfied with our services. Many of our customers constantly get service from us as we have built working relationships with them and others come from referrals and internet sources.

Furthermore, we believe that the portrait that we make should inspire you emotionally and have a great connection with you as well as your memories. Our aims are to ignite emotional flames in the minds of our clients. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and the positive results it has yielded. Complete customer satisfaction is and always be our priority because the customer is always right.

Every portrait we make is made carefully with attention and thought in order to make sure that is relatable to our client. We make sure to take in all the details mentioned by our clients. Doing allows us to tap into the clients vision of what they want the painting to look like. Our painters like to work closely with clients in order to avoid complaints once the portrait is complete. This is why our company is not familiar with complaints or bad feedback, we take our clients opinions and demands into close consideration in order to maintain a positive relationship with them. Many of the clients we have worked with have asked us to do more work for them.

Dinky Box headquarters is situated in Waverly. We are a privately held family company.

Dinky Box Portrait Services

1. Grey Pencil

We specialize in grey pencil drawing . This is one of the easiest way of drawing a picture however, we make sure that this is done adequately.

2. Gouache Drawing

We are expert in squash drawing and this one of our forte. We make sure that we capture all moments and reactions.

3. Scraper board

Scraper board refers to both a medium and an illustrative technique with the usage of sharp knives and tools for etching into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with black fabric paint. Scraper board can be used to yield highly detailed, precise and evenly textured artwork

4. Design Markers

Moreover, we specialize in marker design drawing and this is one of the things which makes us stand out in this very wide industry. There are not many art companies that offer this drawing service.

Contact us if you want a great picture of your loved one or if you wish to imprint a memory onto a beautiful portrait. Please do feel free to leave us a review, we would love to hear from you.


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