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Noxy Generator Services is an official repairer and service provider of generators as well as motors. Our technicians are well trained. We have a large team of operators and we are confident that we have the skills that you need, we can service or repair generators at our clients site quickly and efficiently by our first-rate servicing team. Transportation is not an issue for us, so clients that are far away from Johannesburg should be happy to hear this. Due to the wide range of generators we work with, clients should specify the model of their generators.

We have based in Johannesburg and work closely with industries in this region. Being based in Johannesburg means that we face a lot of competition but this does not stop us from giving it our all. Our priority will always remain to ensure customer satisfaction as well as offer the best customer services. We are a workshop repairing and servicing all brands of generators, air compressor, construction tools, lawnmower, jack hummers etc.

Generator Services:

  • All brands of generators
  • Air compressor
  • Construction tools
  • Lawnmower
  • Jack hummers etc.

Noxy Specialists

We have a proven track-record for providing top-quality generator services throughout South Africa. From small workshop units, to heavy duty backup generators. We provide our services for generators in mines, industrial factories, shopping centers, business parks, hospitals, etc. We have generator specialists that will meet all your power requirements with ease. Noxy has a local distribution network in South Africa. We offer the best solution for short and long term generator requirements.

Our aim is to build relationships with customers so that we can have a sustainable long term relationship. We want our clients to feel like they can rely on us at any time as well as trust our operations. Our company supplies generators throughout South Africa and not just in Johannesburg. We provide a wide range of generations suitable for companies or industries of various sizes. Not only do are the generators of high quality but we also give warranties in order to avoid unsatisfied customers. We do this so that our clients can understand that we are professionals as well as reliable.

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