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Ministry of food is a South African supplier of dried vegetables. With 100% black female ownership we are certainly a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

Dried Foods

Because food is central to our being it must never be considered luxury. Instead it is a basic human right and is essential for human existence. Let alone human sustenance. Dried vegetables came out of an idea that vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. Therefore we want to make sure that you never run out of this essential diet. While creating a product that meets your daily nutritional needs. At the same time offering you great value for money. Being dried, vegetables have a long shelf life. Thereby contributing to food security in South Africa. Additionally food is also a basic element of a community’s economy. Also provides jobs and enhances cultural diversity and enables community growth. Because of the its essential nature, food industry is resilient even when other industries fail.

Environment and Food

We passionately believe in community development and supporting local  farmers. Almost all food raw materials we use to produce our dried vegetables are sourced locally. That is from small emerging to medium-scale black farmers in Limpopo province. The local fresh produce procurement drives low carbon footprint. Thus making our effort to protect the planet a serious matter. We aim to provide meaningful benefits to the communities around us. As a result we employ mostly black females from the local community in our the factory.

Food Processing Factory

Our factory is situated in the Vhembe district of Limpopo province. We have over three years experience in food processing and drying. Being equipped with modern machinery, we have a capacity to dry 15 tons of vegetables per day. Dried vegetables are a convenient way of preserving food especially for our rural population. In addition our customers need not to worry about peeling and chopping their vegetables. Because it is all done for them in our factory. This means using ready to use vegetables saves time. Stocking up on dried vegetables proved to be very economical. Due to their long shelf life it means no need for a refrigerator. Also a huge quantity of dried food can be stored in cupboards without any spoilage. Which means constantly topping up on fresh vegetables is a thing of the past. Dried vegetables have a sheer nutritional power. Therefore a variety of them offers a good mix of taste and sound health benefit. The concept of drying is a long standing method of food preservation. Also produces food that is high in nutrition and flavor. In addition they offer good texture and nutritional value. Essentially dried vegetables are fresh vegetables that have been dehydrated or dried. This is just a process of preserving the vegetables by reducing their moisture content. Thus extending their shelf life. This also make them light in weight. By being pre-cut they are ready to cook.

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