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Matthew Handymen plumbing is a company based in Johannesburg. We work in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. Our team consists of members that have undergone training in all aspects of the plumbing, painting trade and more. We are all qualified to diagnose, repair, install anything that has to do with plumbing, electricity and more in your property.

As we know a high level excellence and reliability is important to you. Our company aim to only do the best work for you as soon as we can. With years of experience in the industry we can work on any project big or small. We work by quickly and correctly diagnosing the root cause of the problem so that we can problem-solve effectively and efficiently.

Our team will provide a solution that is the most effective and cost-saving. Whether it is any electrical, plumbing, tiling or more, we will make sure to fit within your budget. We will utilize our extensive knowledge and a high level of communication skills to keep you informed throughout the process by our helpful, experienced staff. We strive for excellence with courtesy, friendliness, expertise, and a true commitment to serving our clients better than anyone else.

Handymen services we offer

When it comes to being a handymen there’s a range of things you can do. We can fix and install anything you need for your property. One of the services we offer is plumbing. If you need any pipe fixed or installation of a basin and more. Painting, tilling and paving are some of other services we offer. Our aim is to help you with anything you need because life is busy to handle everything at once. Our company will provide you the best service with minimal cost. 

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