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Comprehensive Human Resources Solutions and Covid 19 Business Continuity Plans. Let us take the burden of your shoulders for payroll, recruitment, as well as termination. Thereof, we have a dynamic team which can give you what you are looking for. Firstly, once you engage us, we will become the heart beat of your company or organisation. We will maximise, quality and action of your employees for the benefit of your organisation or company’s aims and objectives. Our focus will be the admin of employees. It begins with how we do the selection of applicants, secondly, the hiring. Thirdly, the interviews, followed by selection of the right candidate.

How we work human resources

We have thorough trainings which offer for the employees to be always up-to-date with policies and procedure of the company. Human resources solutions provided by Izinsazi HR Solutions can be trusted to provide a software system of integrated talent management. Izinsazi HR Solutions will create a two was system which will pave way for clear communication.  Personal details are easily updated and checked from both sides. Once staff are recruited by our human resources in cooperation with your company, we will guide them to perfection of how you want them to work .Work benefits and social benefits can all be tailor made to suit your company. Once customized, we will work to produce good results and round the clock with the rest of your human resources. Izinsazi HR Solutions staff combined with human resources solutions provided by Izinsazi HR Solutions will help your business or organization move forward with success. Most importantly, with the Covid 19, we have designed workplace plans in line with the Government laws. However, This will make your company comply with the rules advised by the Government for companies. We will make sure that the employees will have trained enough in preparation for the growth of the company.  In conclusion, Please email us on theresa@izinsazihr.co.za or call us on +27626833668 for more information.


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