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Hope Bible Academy is a spirit-anointed bible school with a vision to raise a new generation of leaders. Moreover it aims to equip genuine and loyal disciples of Jesus Christ. The goal is for all that have graduated to be apostolically aligned, prophetically relevant. As well as spiritually vibrant, evangelistically potent, doctrinally sound, theologically grounded and socially notable. To be a strong evangelist, your message is almost always made less clear by using the passive voice. Therefore, the training we offer will change all that and equip you accordingly. It is not easy being a disciple but with guidance, it can be.

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Moreover, we believe that the individual needs to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore for one to be a great disciple one has has to be strong in faith. At Hope Bible Academy, we go past the academic work and allow the individual to search within them. This diverts their minds to soul search. It is very important to do so. This world has so much evil. Getting the divine training can be helpful. Our bible school aims in raising a new group of leaders that are specially-trained, fully-trained. Making them solidly-grounded, radically-committed, apostolically accurate and prophetically undiluted. All build up is done on a one to bases. Within, South Africa we have schools and satellite schools in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Furthermore we have sites in Zimbabwe in  Bulawayo and Gweru. Our programs are also offered online and via Block Release enabling some students to study part time and for anyone to study with us from anywhere in the world. The following programs are currently offered:
  • Certificate in Theology,
  • Diploma in Theology,
  • A Diploma in Prophetic Ministry,
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministry,
  • Higher Diploma in Theology and
  • Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
Ouy 5 Month Courses in the following categories are:
  • Prophetic School, Counselling School,
  • Leadership School,
  • School of Business and
  • Apostolic School.
For enquiries and registration please contact us on the following details: Tel: +27 11 082 9829, Mobile: +27685668865 and Zimbabwe: +263 77 235 0765. Or you can email us on: hopebibleacademy2019@gmail.com. Please leave us a review.


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