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Global Institute of Leadership, Economics and Apostolic Development (GILEAD) is a Training Leadership, Business, Apostolic and Prophetic Development institution of higher learning. In addition, we aim to empower, inspire, transform and align leaders and business people of the 21st Century thereby raising a new generation of leaders! However, we are answering to the three main needs of Africa namely… Firstly, Effective LEADERSHIP Secondly, ECONOMIC Reformation Thirdly, ALIGNED Church Leaders and an ALIGNED CHURCH Our programs are mainly online and are offered worldwide. However, we also host periodic meetings, seminars and workshops, conferences and virtual calls and conferences. Most importantly, we train, mentor and coach people from all walks of life regardless of ethnicity, background or religious affiliation. For instance, our audience includes but is not limited to Church Leaders, Senior Executives, Middle Managers, Political leaders, Business people, Professionals and students. We also have the following Leadership Empowerment Initiatives: Conference/Seminars Training + Consulting Academic Programmes We also train, mentor and coach: Corporate Executives Political Leaders Non Gov/Non-Profit Community Leaders *Students Young Leaders Professionals Youths
Executive Leadership Coaching is an elite coaching program designed to raise effective leadership in Sub Sahara Africa, Africa and beyond, within and without the Church! Executive Leadership Coaching is for corporate executives, church leaders, business leaders, political leaders. It also involves government and non-governmental leaders, and leaders of non-profit organizations, regardless of ethnicity, political or religious affiliation.


In conclusion, some of the benefits are: Firstly, Weekly Mail.  Secondly, Periodical Coaching Webinars. Thirdly, Quarterly Meetings. Fourthly, Certification. Affiliation. Networking with other members. Online Community. Resources. Mentoring. Coaching. Preferential Seating at GILEAD Events and Programmes. Last and most importantly, Growth and Exposure. Coaching: Email. Webinars. Live Events. One on One Live Calls. One on One Consultation. GILEAD Online Community (GOC): Networking, Live Forum & Leadership Community. Programmes: Quarterly Meetings. Special, Regional & Annual Events. Online programmes. Memberships: Silver @R500 p.a. Gold @R1000 p.a. Platinum @ R2000 p.a, that is, per annum.
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