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About us our floor mats

We at Orosi Solution thrive to add value to your establishment by giving a warm welcome message on your floor mats. Moreover our team of professionals are based in Pretoria the capital. We offer a high quality floor mats such as: custom branded mats and logo floor mates, we also do mat billboarding. Further more see our customer’s link and compare with the mat done in the photos.

Orosi solution make mats that are an extension of your brand recognition through welcome mats. These durable mats designed with your company’s logo are a unique way to showcase your brand. The mats do not only add value but also protect tiled areas and keep the floor clean.

We also have mats that help meet the covid regulations. These are disinfectant mats that have chemical that helps sanitize the customers shoes when they walk in. We can work on entrance mats, door mats, and welcome mats with your logo. Our mission is to give you qualitative solutions, not dramatic solutions. Our team stay true to our mission because that is what separates us from the rest. You will not regret choosing us, we put passion in our work and produce the best results, while adding value to your establishment.

Types of mats we provide

We can make different types of mats depending on your requirements and different factors. Whether you need to carpet your boardroom or logo mats, we also disinfect and maintain carpets.

Orosi Solutions logo floor mats are one of the highest quality logo door mats, well suited for highly trafficked areas. They are designed to scrape shoes and remove dirt, debris, and moisture. Heavy duty beveled border is applied to all sides ideal for high-traffic, indoor/outdoor areas.

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