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Evans Plumbing is a company that is passionate about skills development . As such, we have developed a team of highly qualified plumber. We aim to be a leading service provider for pipe and maintenance repairs in Johannesburg. Secondly, we aim at building the brand into a household name with experience and quality service.


Evans plumbing makes use of highly trained and experienced plumbers. In addition, we use innovative technologies to provide a range of specialized services. Thereby, meeting the needs of our clients ranging from residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Our team comprise of fully qualified plumber. Additionally, our team take pride in their work and strive to ensure that our clients receive the highest standard of work. Moreover, team has a fully stocked and equipped vehicle to respond to general plumbing services. Thereby ensuring swift and reliable exceptional service. Above all, we have teams on standby to respond to any emergency and ensure that we meet our clients’ needs.


Our services include:

  • Water storage tanks.
  • Plumbing Certificate Of Compliance.
  • Water Leak Detection & Pipe Location.
  • High Pressure Sewer/Drain Jetting.
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations.
  • Pumps, Water Metering, Utility Location and Material Supply.
  • General Plumbing.
  • Water Meter Installations.
As previously stated, our services cover Commercial, Industrial and Residential clients. That is to say, stand alone houses, multi dwelling units and residential estates. Similarly, shopping centres, airports, manufacturing plants, schools, to mention just but a few.

We also Specialize High Pressure Water Jetting division. This caters for stubborn blocked sewers, storm-water and waste drains. The technique used involves pumping of high pressure water into clogged drains to remove the toughest blockages which may exist in your drainage pipes.

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