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About us

We are a business that believes in clean air and we have been in the air conditioning business for a long time. This enabled us to gain the much needed experience which produces quality.  We provide service such as repairs, servicing, installations of various makes of new air conditioning. Cool Line Repairs has all necessary spares needed for any type of aircon repairs. Moreover, we enjoy an excellent working relationship with all our clients trying to achieve a friendly yet professional work ethic.

How Air Conditioning work

However, Air Conditioning, provides filter and service contracts as preventative maintenance for the longevity of the air conditioners and to save on costly breakdowns.  Warrant is always given to new Air Conditioners we will have provided. Our air conditioner installation service for instance, is provided by a team of experienced artisan technicians and specialists. Moreover they are all highly trained and qualified. We rebuild Air Conditions expertise. As a result, our customer base has grown immensely. All our clients for instance, are recommended by us to have regular service on their aircons. Most importantly, an air conditioner service also prevents mechanical breakdown. The Company will send out an experienced team, thereof, maintaining good relations with our clients. In conclusion, our service promise is built on the guarantee we give. Maintenance by a team of experienced air conditioner technicians that are on-hand to deliver quality services with a smile.

Our Repairs and maintenance services :

  • Compressor conditioning
  • Filter changes
  • Pipe inspections
  • Duct inspections
  • Dust removal
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