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About us

Amoeda Holdings consist of young and agile minds. With our entrepreneurial skills we consider ourselves a one of the best in the business. Our aim is to offer the best customer service and do the best job. We have experience in different types of constructions, electricity and more.  

Our values include working hard to give our customers the best result, while putting the safety of our employees and customers first. Our team goes to necessary measures to complete projects in the time frame you require. We stay true to our mission to give you the best service and satisfaction of our work.

Our Constructions Services

We will satisfy you with our expertise in construction and flooring solutions:

  • Paving & Tar Surfaces: We provide attractive tar surfaces that are installed by a team of qualified individuals. Our team will ensure that we do what you require. We can work on any surface you require as we have years of experience on the field.
  • Hard Court Surfaces & Astro Turf: We can work on hard court surfaces such as Tennis courts and hard surfaces. Whether you need the surface to be colored or made a certain way, we will work on it.
  • Pools: Whether you need your pool repaired, renovated or installed we can work on it. The types of pools we work on include Fiberglass pools, Concrete pools, and more. We work on commercial and personal pools.
  • Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering is also one of our specialties. We can do Electrical installation for your home and offices. Whether it is small electrical problems or big projects we can work it.
  • Air-Conditioning: Our Air-Conditioning technicians are always up to help you repair or maintain your Air-con. We can also install a brand new one if you need it to keep you warm during winter and cool in summer.
  • Construction and Maintenance: The maintenance of a building is very important as it helps keep it clean and looking new. It also helps with reduces the cost of renewing a whole area that needs fixing by touching up on every small problem before it gets huge.  

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