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Cloud is a tree felling company based in Kempton park, we work around Johannesburg. Our team has years of experience in the field and we only have skilled individuals on our team. We believe trees are a big asset of our community. We encourage and advise on the correct methods of tree care and maintenance. Where there is no alternative, we advise to have the tree cut down.

Tree felling services we offer

Felling is cutting down a tree in its entirety. After felling the tree we can leave it on the site or remove it. We can leave them for mulching or firewood. We can also trim the tree to make it look better or fix it. The remaining of the stumps can be poisoned unless requested otherwise. The removal of the ‘bole’ or the portion below ground after felling is stump removal. It can be done manually or by excavation. We also do site clearing, which includes a process of tree removal at an development site. It can be felling only or felling and stump removal. Site clearing also include clearing of gardens and rubbles. Any type of cleaning you need on your yard we can help with that. Whether it being garage cleaning, garden cleaning, yard cleaning or after demolition. We also do lawn installation feeding. Any type of lawn you might need, we will provide it and give you the best quality possible. We would like to hear from you, please leave us a Review.

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