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Kratos Books is a proudly Christian Publishing Company helping Christian authors self-publish their message to reach a wider audience. As put in Psalm 68:11, “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it”. Therefore, we are that company which God is using to carry and transmit His message across. Through us, God is spreading His gospel to the ends of the earth. As a result helping people reach a wider audience in the process. Firstly, it is our passion to help you move from Revelation to Publication. Therefore getting the world to know the message in your heart. In addition, thoughts are put in black and white for all to read and is consequently preserved. Secondly we help you achieve that at a very low cost.

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Firstly, we specialize in books with sound Christian morals, inspirational themes, and solid and biblical family values. Secondly, we are very big on sound theology and biblical accuracy. In addition, we publish sound and ethical Inspirational, Motivational, Academic, and Scientific Research Papers and projects. We seek articles and books which align with the word of God. Likewise, those that do not contradict with our values, vision, as well as mission. Whatever message God has written on your heart, we are here to help you take it across. That way it can benefit your generation and those to come. Be it a skillful or seasoned writer, or aspiring author. Or you have no writing skill at all but have a message to put across, we can assist you. We have a package suitable for you and a team of experts to guide and help you. Our team of coaches and ghost-writers can assist you. If you have anything in mind to write about, Kratos Books is the breakthrough you have been waiting for. So call us and visit our page to find out more.

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