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We are a team of qualified bakers that have spent all our lives perfecting the art of baking. Fatima Bakedit is based in Cape Town and we take pride in our cakes as we make sure every single piece of cake meets the highest standards.

Here at our bakery we understand the importance of presentation and that it matters as much as taste. Our team goes an extra mile to make sure you get the best experience. Your guests will get a treatment they will never forget and will talk about it long after the celebration.

Our cakes are perfect for birthdays, anniversary or any special occasion. After our gourmet cakes are baked, they can be collected or delivered. We guarantee to deliver on flavor and presentation every time. To create the perfect taste we use the finest ingredients, flour and freshest eggs. Our bakers are experienced in the art of baking as they have been in the industry for many years.

Our baking services

For every occasion you may have it requires a piece of cake for everybody to enjoy. Our cakes are not just pretty pictures slice into them and they are a piece of heaven dancing in your mouth. We have an excellent team of bakers in our kitchen as we only the employ best, our bakers are experts at experts in producing different flavors for cakes. Whether we are talking about red velvet, chocolate, traditional fruit or a simple vanilla sponge.

We make all kinds of wedding cake flavors you can think of as well as icing. We make all kinds of wedding cakes from the big ones, small ones, tiered ones, to the simple wedding cakes. Whatever wedding cake designs you have dreamed of, we can create! During requests, our bakers will take into consideration all of your demands and can assure you that making your vision a reality is our priority.

For the special occasion of a birthday, we make any type of cake depending on your themes. Whether it is a happy birthday cake, deluxe cake in the shape of a digit or any else. We have all you need, what’s better than a delicious cake as a birthday present. Go for our cakes to make your birthday party a success as they will certainly grant you a happy birthday.

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