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P&B maintenance was established in 2008 and became Ziesoe Projects and Construction. We believe we stand out when it comes to other construction companies. This is because we have over 7 years of experience with our excellent well trained handymen and workforce. Furthermore, we aim to become one of the trusted name in the construction industry through-out the country and cross border.

Ziesoe projects and Construction has a fully equipped team, skilled and semi-skilled handymen

Our Services

Painting a building can be a sizable investment. Fearn Blasting & Painting seeks to provide an exceptional service, while using quality products. We are not a fly by night painting service. To ensure quality, we pressure wash the exterior of almost all buildings to clean off rust, loose paint, dirt and other debris. We prime all our buildings to ensure quality and use a special primer on any buildings showing rust. Therefore, while there are many options for our customers when painting the exterior of a building, single color and bi-color sheds are the most popular.

In addition, you can paint your shed an existing color or choose to freshen things up with a new color. We are equipped to fully trim a shed out in your chosen colors or paint only one color over the entire shed.. We also paint the interior of sheds. Utilizing a man lift we are able to reach every angle inside your building. Some of our customers are looking to cover and seal foam insulation and some are only wanting to brighten the interior. All floors and other items left inside the building are covered and properly preserved so the paint only goes where it’s suppose to.

Our Skill

The ceiling is one of the most frequently overlooked areas when designing a commercial space, yet its appearance can have a major impact on the way that an area looks. Ceilings are considered to be the fifth wall in interior design because they have a lot of potential, are usually unbroken by things like windows (giving them greater uninterrupted space), and can have a major impact on the way that a room looks and feels. In commercial spaces, the ceiling often has other concerns as well that can make finishing it a challenge. There may be utilities that run along the ceiling that require easy access, so a solid finished ceiling is often out of the question. Look no further than Ziesoe projects and Construction for a proffessionally done ceiling .

Our well trained handymen provide good quality work and know what to use, safely.



*Interior Design

*Drywalling & partition  



 *Ceiling & cornices

*Industrial/house painting 



 *General plumbing


 *Glass fitting&putty refill

*Wooden door fit  


*Gutter mounting&cleaning

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